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Pupil Transportation Egroup Email List

Purpose, Rules and Guidelines


The Pupil Transportation Egroup was established by the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) to enable persons interested in or involved in student transportation to have a venue for requesting and sharing information related to the day to day operations of student transportation both locally and nationally.  Subscribers include transportation professionals from across the United States from both public and private school districts, school district and contract provided transportation services, industry-related manufacturers, representatives from governmental agencies and the media.

Note:  The Pupil Transportation Egroup does not serve as the official form of communication for TAPT.  Please refer to TAPT.com for official news, announcements and updates.

The views posted on the Egroup are not necessarily those of TAPT.  Information posted on the Egroup should not be considered legal advice nor should legal advice be given.  Persons seeking legal advice should seek the guidance of their organization’s legal counsel.

Rules and Guidelines for Posting:

Messages, requests for information and all responses are to be posted in a brief accurate, professional and to the point manner.  

All messages are to be related to the day to day operations of student transportation; TAPT event information and updates; and other information regarding state, federal or national laws, best practices or related events regarding pupil transportation.

Persons posting on the Egroup must identify themselves and the company/school district they are affiliated with either through their email address or signature.

Responses to personal notices such as changes in employment, retirement and notices of the loss of friends and family are to be made to the person directly.

No message is to be posted that is disrespectful or demeaning.

The Egroup is not to be used for the advertisement or promotion of products, self or services.  Likewise, product reviews, criticisms or testimonials are also not permitted.

Jokes, inappropriate banter, and heated messages are not to be posted on the Egroup.

If you disagree with someone’s post or feel misinformation has been posted, reply to the person directly and not on the Egroup so that person may correct his statement in a dignified manner.

Never post simply to correct someone’s grammar or spelling.

Posts regarding non-TAPT sponsored fund-raising events, commercials or political promotions (at any level) are not appropriate.

TAPT, in adherence with Roberts of Rules of Order, reserves the right to remove any subscriber for violation of these rules.  Requests for reinstatement must be in writing and may be sent to the President of TAPT or the Executive Secretary.  Reinstatement will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Posting Reminders:

All attachments will be held for review by the moderator prior to be releasing for post.

When replying to a posting, please include enough of the original post or a summary of the original post for context.  This will enable readers to follow the conversation.  Please delete any unnecessary trailers, footers, signatures, etc.

Please do not respond to an old post to start a new conversation or request for information.

Any response you post will be seen by every subscriber of the Egroup.  As a public communication there is no expectation of privacy.

Posts cannot be recalled.  If you accidentally post something you did not intend for the entire group to read, post a simple notice of your unintended post.

Avoid sending messages which are no more than gratuitous replies to replies.

Notices of job openings may be sent to Keith@tapt.com.

Subscription Information:

Subscriptions are granted for a one-year term (July 1 – June 30) and renewals shall be applied for annually.  

All subscriptions will automatically terminate June 30 of each year.

A renewal notice will be sent out to each subscriber prior to the termination date.

Subscribers should be persons involved in daily pupil transportation operations.

Subscriber’s name and employer must be identified at time of subscription and with each post to the Egroup.

Monthly notices will be emailed each first day of the month reminding subscribers of their subscription and their opportunity to unsubscribe if they so desire.

Subscribers may access the Egroup archives to reference prior conversations and information.

Questions regarding the Egroup, appropriate posts or to unsubscribe from the Egroup may be sent to the webmaster at keith@tapt.com.

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