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Deadline – April 1, 2018

The Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT), a non-profit organization, supports student achievement through its purpose, mission and goals.  In this effort, the TAPT is proud to offer the following scholarship opportunities for Texas students.

Persons desiring to be selected for one of the Texas Association for Pupil Transportation (TAPT) Scholarships listed below must meet the requirements as outlined below:

Meet the application requirements as outlined below

Submit an application before the designated deadline (April 1, 2018)

Include all requested documentation, letters and personal essays

Provide current contact information including email address and cell phone numbers

If required, provide proof of current TAPT membership status of self or parent/guardian

Be available for possible interviews

Available to accept the scholarship at the Scholarship Breakfast as part of the annual TAPT Conference held each June.  

Recipients of the following scholarships will be decided at the April meeting of the TAPT Executive Committee. The selection committee is made up of members of the TAPT Executive Board.  Notifications will be made by the TAPT Executive Secretary.  For more information, please email Marisa@tapt.com.


Adult Scholarship Applicants -

Complete online application at www.TAPT.com

Prepare and upload a personal essay outlining the following:

Professional goals

Personal educational goals

Community Service or other volunteer activities

Leadership roles, honors, or awards

Impact of this grant on your career goals

Upload a letter of support/reference from the Transportation Director addressing the applicant’s  character and eligibility for the chosen scholarship.

For the Brandon Billingsley scholarship, the Director must also indicate support for the applicant to  attend the TAPT Conference and Trade Show.

Applicant First Name

2017-2018 TAPT Adult Continuing Education Scholarship Application

All fields are required!!

Applicant Last Name

Employing School District

Position Title

Applicant Email

I have read the scholarship application requirements and understand that my application will not be considered if any item is missing.

Mailing Address

Number and Street

Apt / Unit #



I am a CURRENT member of TAPT.

Active Member

Associate Member

Business Associate

File Uploads - Files must be Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Adobe PDF, jpeg, or PNG format.

Personal Essay

Letter of Support

Applying for which scholarship(s)?
Check all that apply…

Fred Oppermann Memorial Scholarship

Ray Westmoreland Adult Scholarship